017: Triple Crown Hiker and Entrepreneur Stacy Boone

Stacy Boone grew up enjoying the outdoors but did not think she would have a career in it. Stacy started out in the legal field, and was doing everything right but soon discovered she was not being fulfilled. The outdoors were her escape from work, but it turned into much more. Eventually, Stacy decided to leave her job for six months and hike the Appalachian Trail. This changed everything and shaped her future.

Since then she has completed what is known in the hiking world as the Triple Crown, which includes the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide. Stacy also started her business, Step Outdoors. It’s a super cool company the educates and guides people who are looking to explore the wilderness.

On today’s episode, Stacy and I discuss:

  • Stacy’s background
  • Difficulty in balancing work life and the outdoors
  • Becoming a serious hiker and decided to complete the Appalachian Trail
  • Preparing for the Appalachian Trail
  • Making the decision to leave her job and hike the Trail for 6 months, and peoples’ reactions
  • Why Stacy made the decision
  • The constant tough times during the hike and how Stacy overcame them
  • What was most memorable from her time on the Appalachian Trail
  • What Stacy learned about herself
  • Moving back into society after completing the hike
  • Leaving the legal field
  • How the idea of Step Outdoors came about
  • Moving to Colorado and starting the company
  • Purposely not making a single dollar in the first year of the business
  • Growing the business after year one
  • Overcoming challenges
  • What Stacy learned from hiking the Triple Crown and how it translates to running her business
  • Advice for taking your first action step
  • What it means to Stacy to have created a meaningful and fulfilling life

My 3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Be willing to put in a lot of time and work before you see results
  2. Give yourself permission to make a sacrifice, and go after what you want
  3. Don’t half-ass it, put in the proper preparation

Step Outdoors website: http://stepoutdoorscolorado.com/

You can find Step Outdoors at:

Email:  Info@StepOutdoorsColorado.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stepoutdoors/

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  1. Kristie Hefling

    Great to hear our area ‘GEM’, Stacy Boone, on the Unbeaten Path Podcast, Episode 17. My husband and I are full time residents of Pagosa Springs, CO and have attended some of her Step Outdoors classes!
    She is such a positive force in this area, and is working hard to help local trail organizations to be successful, as well as helping to prepare local residents that are interested in the outdoors with hiking, first aid for the back country, wilderness information and so much more! My husband and I really had no idea that she is a Triple Crown Hiker…… WE LOVED HEARING THIS STORY…..HER STORY!!! Thank you, Sean Sechrist, for getting Stacy Boone’s story out! My husband is working on hiking the CT (Colorado Trail) and he was riveted to this interview with Stacy.

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