021: From High School Spanish Teacher to UFC Fighter with Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman

Charlie Brenneman grew up wrestling, and that is what drove his life through his school days. He went on to wrestle at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. He figured he would graduate go back to his hometown, teach Spanish, coach wrestling and that would be a sweet little life. Well, turns out Charlie didn’t do well without the intense competition he was used to the majority of his life.

Learn how Charlie won season one of the reality show Pros vs Joes, which gave him the jolt of competition he needed to pursue an MMA career when everyone thought he was crazy. Charlie fought his way up to the UFC, and in 2011 he upset the #6 fighter in the world Rick Story. This changed Charlie’s life as he skyrocketed up the world rankings and was fightings against the best. He left the UFC three years ago and is now building his personal brand as a speaker, author, podcaster and more.

On today’s episode, Charlie and I discuss:
  • Growing up in a small town
  • Why Charlie grew a love for wrestling early on
  • The most valuable lesson Charlie took from wrestling that has been applied to his life
  • Wrestling in college and the wrestling lifestyle
  • Deciding to become a Spanish teaching
  • Losing constant and fierce competition and how the affected Charlie
  • Getting selected for season 1 of Pros vs Joes
  • Charlie’s favorite moments from the show
  • Winning Pros vs Joes
  • Decide to pursue a mixed martial arts career
  • Learning MMA and building off his wrestling background
  • Teaching while fighting on the amateur level
  • Pushing forward when everybody doubted him
  • Advice for taking that first action step
  • What it’s like to be fighting in the UFC cage for the first time
  • Charlie’s real-life Rocky story
  • Failing by way of Knockout
  • Everybody fails, but you have to get back up
  • The end of Charlie’s fighting career and transitioning into growing his personal brand
  • Freedom from the fear of failure
  • Charlie’s morning routine that sets him up to win the day
  • Eating well
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. No one who has “made it” ever said it was easy
  2. Endless hard work leads to confidence
  3. Just “stinkin” be you

Charlie’s Website: https://charliespaniard.com/

Charlie’s Podcast: http://afightersmindset.libsyn.com/

You can Find Charlie at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charliespaniard

Instagram: charliespaniard

Twitter: @charliespaniard

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