022: Running Successful Businesses, Exploring the World, and Living Different with Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is an entrepreneur, adventurer, podcaster, blogger and more. His work has been published in Forbes, Inc. Magazine and the Huffington Post to name a few. He started his first website and online business Under30CEO right out of college. He started the blog/website from nothing and steadily grew it. Eventually, it became very popular and successful over time.  Along the way, Matt launched Under30Experiences which is the travel business he runs today.

Learn Matt’s journey and how he has been able to travel the world for years while running a successful business, including settling down a little bit and living in Costa Rica full time nowadays. Also, learn his approach to living a healthy lifestyle and much more…

On Today’s Episode Matt and I discuss:
  • Matt background growing up in Upstate New York
  • Slingin’ everything from golf balls to porn DVDs
  • Starting an Entrepreneurship organization at Bryant University which led to the creation of the ENT major, which was the #1 declared major the year after Matt graduated
  • Graduated college in 2008 and realizing he needed to create Under30CEO
  • Landscaping by day and trying to get Under30CEO of the ground by night
  • Building the website and followers, and developing the right relationships
  • Beginning to monetize with online consulting
  • Realizing consulting wasn’t going to scale the business and figuring out what did
  • Failed attempts at scaling the business
  • Launching Under30Experiences with no knowledge of the travel business
  • What Under30Experiences is
  • Matt going on every trip the first 3 years
  • Deciding to sell Under30CEO and solely focus on Under30Experiences
  • Transforming as a person from traveling and living abroad
  • What Matt has learned about other cultures America’s
  • The fear of getting out of your comfort zone
  • What you can do today to better yourself and commit to getting out of your comfort zone
  • Having the discipline to run his business while traveling and living at the beach
  • Matt’s morning routine
  • Meditation advice
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. Get out of your comfort zone; that is where you grow
  2. You need to make time to take care of your body and mind every day
  3. TRAVEL, grow as a person like you never thought you could

Under30Experiences’ Website: https://www.under30experiences.com/

Matt’s Podcast: https://www.under30experiences.com/category/live-different-podcast

Matt’s email: matt@under30experiences.com

You can find Matt and U30X at:

Instagram: u30experiences

Instagram: mattwilsontv

Twitter: @U30Experiences

Twitter: @mattwilsontv

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Under30Experiences/?ref=br_rs

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