023: Leaving Medical Sales and Starting a High-End Clothing Company with David Alan





David Alan is the founder of The Proper Knot and David Alan Clothing. He has a great story of overcoming challenge after challenge, and coming out stronger. David graduated college following the path he thought he was supposed to, and it landed him in medical sales. He did well but got frustrated with the corporate world.

David started his first business with a few friends at 23 which had some legs but ultimately failed because his partners looked at it as more of a hobby than a company. This gave Dave the experience he needed to go and start The Proper Knot. I don’t want to give too much away, but we learn how David turned an accessory for a necktie into a full-fledged fashion business. David Alan Clothing has partnerships with WWE and has guys like John Cena exclusively wearing their suits.  Hear David’s wild ride and complete hustle growing the business to where it is today.

On Today’s Episode David and I discuss:
  • Producing a mini video series giving a glimpse into the company’s story
  • Growing up in Pittsburgh and the blue-collar mindset
  • The rejuvenation of the city
  • Struggling during college and almost enlisting in the Marines
  • Picking himself up and getting back on track
  • Getting fired from his first job out of college leading David to medical sales
  • Learning from doing business with people from different backgrounds
  • The journey of losing his second job, starting his first business with friends, and landing his first high-paying sales job
  • David’s growing frustration with the corporate world and realizing how disposable he was to his company
  • Starting his first solo business, The Proper Knot, while still working in medical sales
  • An explanation of what The Proper Knot is
  • How one business relationship launched the growth of The Proper Knot with the WWE
  • Deciding to start creating custom suites and figuring out how to make them
  • How the challenges that happened early in David’s life prepared him for the roller-coaster ride of starting his clothing business
  • Going full time with David Alan Clothing
  • Growing and scaling the business
  • Building and maintaining real relationships with influencers, especially the WWE
  • Giving back and his partnership with the American Cancer Society
  • Staying focused and not getting too high or too low
  • Keeping his mind, body, and spirit healthy
  • The power of your state of mind
  • Advice for someone struggling to go after what they want
  • Future plans for David Alan Clothing
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. Taking a loss to help someone else out is a long-term win
  2. Anyone can go out and make money, but not everyone can find their happiness
  3. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or does; you control your own life

David Alan Clothing Website: www.davidalanclothing.com

You can find David Alan Clothing at:

Instagram: davidalanstyle

Instagram: davidalanclothing


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