025: Survivor, Founder, Speaker & Life Coach Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the founder of Milestone Mind which is an exclusive coaching organization that is helping leaders and elite performers elevate past resistance, and develop an unstoppable focus in their lives.

Dave is a certified life coach, he has studied at Harvard, he was a successful tech salesman, and the first receipt of the Lafayette College David Nelson Award of Valor, yup he has an award that was made because of him. If you are wondering if Dave has had an incredible journey getting to where he is today, I’m here to tell you he has. You are about to learn about Dave literally getting stabbed in the heart and be pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, and all the ups in downs that have brought him to where he is today.

One of the best conversations I’ve had! Get ready to dive deep and learn some things…

On Today’s Episode, Dave and I discuss:
  • Growing up moving from the Chicago area to Boston
  • Dave’s high school days and how it shaped him
  • Growing up in an environment that lacked structure
  • Figuring it out what to do and study in college
  • Not letting one experience define you
  • Finding your psychological safety zone
  • Dave’s near-death experience
  • Officially being pronounced dead for 7 minutes
  • Healing and recovering from the stabbing
  • Started a business out of school but initially failing
  • Paying off his business loan with years working in tech sales and realizing he wanted to do more once again
  • Moving past societal pressures and helping people find what it is to be alive for them
  • An explanation of Dave’s coaching business Milestone Mind
  • Dave finding clarity in his life – values, goals, etc
  • Having more than mindfulness
  • Finding the right diet through trial and error
  • Use the feedback your body gives you and how it feels when it comes to diet
  • Putting yourself in the proper environments to thrive
  • Human connection “technological connection”
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. Don’t let one experience define you; if you were a natural athlete it doesn’t mean you will be a natural in business right away and vice versa
  2. Failure only exists when you don’t start or try
  3. Choose the right environments to support the identity you want to build on

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