028: Finding Your Mindset for Personal Success with Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery is an auditor-turned-entrepreneur who founded a consulting business called Ascension, which helps high-performing entrepreneurs and visionary leaders grow their companies with confidence. Molly is also a world traveler and fitness enthusiast who is working on launching her next big project, Founders Haven.

You are really going to enjoy this conversation. We learn a ton from Molly including, overcoming self-doubt, especially when starting something on your own, positive deep self-reflection that allows you move towards doing what you actually want, the importance of an overall healthy lifestyle and much more…

On Today’s Episode, Molly and I discuss:
  • Deep dive into Molly’s background
  • Molly overcoming self-doubt with her “failures” along her journey
  • How she helps entrepreneurs most past their doubt
  • Having the realization that although her career was going well, she was miserable
  • Molly not being ready for her first-attempt diving into entrepreneurship
  • Learning how to sell
  • Falling in love with being uncomfortable
  • The second time entering entrepreneurship
  • Molly’s realization that she was completely burnt-out and needed to make a change
  • Deep reflection on what you are creating, and is it what you actually want to create
  • How Molly overcomes the dark times in entrepreneurship and stays on track
  • Learn and understand what meditation actually is
  • Molly’s advice on how to start a real meditation routine
  • Having an all-around healthy lifestyle and how that sets up Molly for success
  • Finding time to disconnect, challenge yourself, and begin to figure things out
  • Advice for someone struggling to take their first action step toward the life they want
  • Learn about Founder’s Haven
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. Be clear on what to say no to, so you can say yes to the work you want to do
  2. As we have heard before… Meditation is a game changer
  3. Enjoy the process, and understand your goals are always going to be a moving target
You can find Molly at:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mollymontgomery/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/molly.montgomery.33

Twitter: @mollym_cpa

Instagram: mollymontgomery


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