030: The Life of a Digital Nomad with Anna Rova

Anna Rova lives the life of what is known as a digital nomad. That is someone who travels around the world while working from their laptop. The idea is to be able to work from anywhere and experience everywhere. I have been fascinated with this type of living over the years, and it was great to talk to Anna about the lifestyle and all the ups and downs that come with.

We learn Anna’s story, growing up in a small and poor Eastern European country where life was not comfortable, and it was hard to have a positive outlook. Things changed with time spent in the US, and this opened up Anna’s eyes to the possibility of a better life, and she knew education was key. We also Learn about her first job in an office environment and what lead her to take the leap into the digital nomad lifestyle. Anna has gained an enormous amount of knowledge from her experiences traveling the world, a tough upbringing, and taking risks as an entrepreneur; she is insightful, positive and uplifting.

On Today’s Episode, Anna and I discuss:
  • What it’s like growing up in a small and poor Eastern European country
  • Living in the US for a year in high school
  • The cultural differences between Moldova and the US
  • Anna knowing she wanted to get out of Moldova to live a better life
  • Living and working in Malaysia, and gaining the knowledge for the Digital Nomad lifestyle
  • Transitioning into the nomad lifestyle, especially mentally, and the importance of keeping one major constant in her life when starting
  • Overcoming the hard times in her new life
  • Advise for transitioning your skillset to be able to work from anywhere
  • Anna deciding to leave her fulltime employment and go out on her own
  • Starting a podcast to break down relationships between men and women
  • Restoring her relationship with her father
  • The different ways Anna has grown as a person from traveling the world the last three years
  • Society’s struggle to see someone else’s point of view
  • Advice for someone struggling to take action in their life
  • Working through cycles of productivity and not wanting to do anything
  • Morning routines, nutrition, and exercise
  • Surrounding yourself with people that lift you up
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. Appreciate what you have in life because there is always someone who has it worse
  2. Any action is better than inaction
  3. Travel will transform your perspective on the world and the people in it
You can find Anna at

Website: https://girlskill.com/

Instagram: girlskillofficial

Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/girlskillofficial


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