031: Overcoming Abuse, Leaving the Hedge Fund, and Creating a Life of Helping Others and Travel with Brendan Burns

Brendan Burns is the founder of AdventureDaze which is an online community where Brendan helps people maximize their lives. He shares all of his best business and self-development tools and strategies so that you can achieve the highest levels of success, fulfillment, and happiness in your life.

One of the reasons I love Brendan’s story is because he was on a much different path not so long ago. After receiving undergraduate, law school and MBA degrees from Cornell University, Brendan spent several years working on Wall Street in various roles including a Hedge Fund Manager. While he is grateful for the financial skills he developed, Brendan knew deep down that entrepreneurship, travel and personal growth was his calling.

Learn Brendan’s story and how he got to where he is today. This includes overcoming an abusive past, and how it dictated most of his life prior to committing to personal development and taking control of his life. This conversation encompasses everything the Unbeaten Path is all about, and you will come away with some new knowledge and inspiration!

On Today’s Episode Brendan and I Discuss:
  • Why Brendan’s grandparents were his early influence to travel and explore
  • Brendan’s abusive past
  • The stigma of going to Therapy
  • Chasing significance, through achieving, but actually looking for love and connection
  • Brendan coming to the realization he wanted to start his own business and follow his passion
  • The value we get from successful people acknowledging their struggles in the past
  • Starting his online business while still working his 9-5 and how getting the “band aide ripped-off” was the key to growing the business and making money
  • How Brendan started to make money online
  • The reaction of family and friends telling them he is ditching his hedge fund career to start a business through an Instagram account and blog
  • “Taking off the suite,” and how that changed things for Brendan
  • Brendan’s favorite places he has traveled to
  • Brendan’s favorite story from his travels and the personal growth that went along with it
  • Why you should go on a trip by yourself and get out of your comfort zone
  • Relationships and the societal pressures that go along with them
  • Overcoming challenges, impulses, and addictions
  • Everything in your life and personal development is connected
  • Brendan’s morning routine and habits
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. People get rewarded in public for what they have done for years in private
  2. It’s more fun to be underestimated than overestimated in life
  3. It’s easy to be compassionate towards someone else but hard to be compassionate towards yourself
You can find Brendan at:

Brendan’s website: https://www.brendanhburns.com/

Instagram: theadventuredaze


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