032: From Growing Up in a Trailer Home to a Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur with Jeremy Adams

Jeremy Adams is one of Forbes’ Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30. Prior to turning 30, he’s launched multiple successful businesses and helped leading entrepreneurs and businesses with his sales and digital marketing background.

He launched his first startup, Prestige Food Trucks at the young age of 22 years old. Jeremy was able to quickly turn Prestige Food Trucks into the world’s leading custom food truck & trailer manufacturer. He garnered so much credibility in-fact that he landed multi-truck deals with respected clients like the U.S. Army, The Salvation Army, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell and many more.

What makes Jeremy’s story even more inspiring is the fact that he did not attend college. Jeremy grew up in a trailer and is a product of hard work, hustle, and intelligence. He reminds us that great things are possible with correct mindset no matter where you start.

On today’s episode, Jeremy and I discuss:
  • Jeremy’s humble beginnings
  • Losing interest in formal schooling when he started making good money waiting tables
  • How Jeremy’s eyes were opened to the possibilities of what he could make of himself
  • The moment that pushed Jeremy to quit his job and move to Orlando for more opportunity
  • Cold calling his way into working at an investment firm and getting his start
  • Jeremy getting his real-world crash course in business
  • Jeremy’s lightbulb moment when he realized it wasn’t that complicated to be successful
  • Starting Prestige Food Trucks and becoming a partner with his mentor
  • The growing pains of Prestige Food Trucks
  • The importance of outsourcing his manufacturing
  • Finding new customers through online advertising
  • Starting a business with Kevin Harrington
  • Unicorn Innovations
  • Balancing running two businesses
  • Jermery’s mission to help underprivileged entrepreneurs reach their potential
  • How to approach a mentor
  • Go with your gut and stop using excuses
My 3 Big Takeaways
  1. 90% of the battle being successful in business is your confidence and mindset
  2. It doesn’t matter where you come from it matters who you are
  3. Look at every situation as a learning experience and stop focusing on the negatives
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