Encore: World Renowned Adventurer, Speaker, Author, and Medic Jeff Evans

Enjoy an encore of one of our fan favorites with episode 005 (Jeff Evans). Jeff Evans is a world-renowned adventurer, speaker, author, and medic. He has created a fascinating life built around helping others. Jeff led the first blind person to the summit of Mount Everest as well as assisted the Iraqi Special Forces as a medic on the front lines with their fight against ISIS.

On today’s episode, Jeff and I discuss:
  • Growing up in small-town environment around nature, and how it shaped him
  • Jeff moving out to Boulder, CO when he was 18
  • The fine line between recklessness and following your dream
  • Jeff’s start to rock climbing and why it appealed to him
  • The beginning of his relationship with his blind friend and climbing partner Eric
  • Jeff and Eric’s first major climb up Denali in Alaska
  • The dynamic Jeff has with Eric when they are going on their climbs
  • How Jeff decided to become a Physician Assistant
  • What real dedication is
  • The decision to leave his PA job to lead Eric up Mt. Everest
  • The influence Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” had on Jeff
  • The story of their 19-man team climbing up Everest
  • How Jeff got involved with the NYC medics and going with them to help out after the earthquake that hit Nepal
  • Assisting the Iraqi Special Forces as a medic on the front lines against ISIS
  • Dealing with the insane and challenging times in Iraq
  • Coming back into American society after being in Iraq
  • Lessons learned throughout his journey
3 Big Takeaways
  1. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and make the best of what you got
  2. Identify what you need to do, what makes you happy, and answer that call
  3. Elevate the people around you, and the whole team grows

Jeff’s Book: “Mountain Vision: Lessons Beyond the Summit”

Follow Jeff at:

Twitter: @Jeff_B_Evans

Instagram: jeff_b_evans

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mountainvisionjeff/

Website: www.jeffbevans.com/

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