Lord Huron – Ancient Names (Part 1) and more…

Lord Huron quickly became one of my favorite bands after listening to their debut album Lonesome Dreams. It immediately gave me a sense of nostalgia as well as elevating my sense of adventure. When you listen to Lord Huron, it is hard not to picture yourself out in the wilderness or on an adventure. It has been some time since they’ve come out with new music as they have been touring non-stop the last few years, but they finally have released a long-awaited new single, Ancient Names (Part 1). It took me more than one listen for it to hit home for me like the rest of their music but they delivered as I hoped they would. Below are a few of my favorite songs by them.


I will be back one day


Time to run








This should provide you a solid base to get to know the great band that is Lorn Huron. They have yet to put out a song I don’t enjoy and one of the few bands today that I prefer to listen to their entire album from top to bottom rather than skip around. I suggest doing this as the band is careful with how they put together their records, and they like to tell a story. Do yourself a favor and go for a long walk while listening to their first album Lonesome Dreams all the way through. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!

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