Path Minutes (3): Willpower and It’s Connection to Overall Health

Finally came up with a name for the solo Thursday episodes, as you can see, I fell on “Path Minutes.”

I start things off by quickly giving an update on where I’m at this week after finally getting off the self-doubt train, and how I did with the challenges I set for myself. Next, the episode moves into the meat and potatoes, which was the direction was sparked by an email from a listener.

After completing some research, I do I deep dive into willpower and the struggle we face with it. I take an article reflecting the studies of a Standard health psychologist (Ph.D.) and apply it to the Unbeaten Path theme. You will gain knowledge and solid takeaways from this episode. Learn how vital an overall healthy lifestyle and mindset are when it comes to willpower, and how crucial that is when taking the “Unbeaten Path.”


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